Friday, 29 May 2015

Fast Track Salads

My husband and I try to eat a big salad each day- they're full of so much goodness and they are really satisfying, especially in the warmer weather.  But they can take time to make and if I don't plan ahead, I'm not always enthused about making one on the spot. I like being in the kitchen, but not all the time...

One way to make fast salads is to use a food processor. I love this appliance. It makes short work of a lot of recipes and salads are no exception.

Today, I made 2 different salads, because it is more time efficient to make more than one- for us anyway. I used vegetables that are sturdy and will last a day or two in the fridge. So grated cabbage, broccoli  spears, carrots, kale (or chopped by hand) - all work well as the base. I wouldn't use softer lettuces like mesclun mix, leaf or boston lettuce as they will wilt and go soggy unless eaten right away.

Then change the blade setting to slice, and add anything else you like- cucumber, radishes, peppers, green onions etc. Grape tomatoes are best sliced by hand.

Toppings can include fresh or frozen peas, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, avocado, sprouts, beans, feta cheese- you name it.

These are super salads and they really take no time at all. It's so worth it!

Note: I find it best to layer the salads, and not toss, as the the smaller veggies will get lost on the bottom.
If using kale, remove the tough centre stem. This can be done easily by holding the stem pointing up, with one hand. Keep holding it and with the other hand, hold the stem firmly at the base of the leaf, and run your fingers  down the entire length of the stem, stripping the leaves off. They should separate easily.
If using broccoli spears, use a vegetable peeler to peel the tough outer skin. The stem will now be very tender -and full of nutrition!

Grated carrot, red cabbage and broccoli stems

Dinosaur kale works well in salads, but other kales do too.

Voila- 2 great salads made in about 15 minutes! A good healthy lunch with protein too.

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