Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Crazy Good- (and Healthy!) Brownies

A dear friend of mine celebrated her birthday today. Knowing I would see her tonight I thought of the line "I knew it was your birthday so I baked you a cake".

The only thing stopping me was that I had too little time, and too few ingredients. So the hunt was on to try to find a recipe that was easy, no bake, delicious, chocolatey- and vegan. Quite the challenge.

Fortunately I did find such a recipe on the "Oh She Glows" blog. This recipe is one of the best desserts I have ever made. And it was finished in 20 minutes, with a 20 minute sitting period in the freezer.
Thank you, Angela- you never disappoint!

Here's the link to this crazy good brownies:


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  1. Thanks so much Nancy --I am so lucky!! It’s hard to believe that these very so easy and so healthy! They taste so decadent. I am saving the last piece for breakfast!