Monday, 7 September 2015

Raw Caramel Slice

When a friend sent me the link to this recipe from Food Matters, I couldn't resist making it right away! It's very simple to put together, the only thing you really need to do is wait until the base sets before you add the chocolate layer. I left it overnight and finished it off quickly the next morning.

For me, it's a tad rich and a little too sweet. However, I would make it again, tweaking the amount of maple syrup in the filling. I love the touch of tahini in it too.

For those with a sweet tooth- knock yourself out on this one!

Link to the recipe below.

Not many ingredients- and some are repeated in the different layers of the dessert. 

After processing the ingredients for the base, this handy little roller made it smooth and compact.

While the base in the freezer was chilling, I made the filling and added it on top. I returned it to the freezer and waited until it was firm (overnight in my case so not sure how long it would actually take)
The only thing that requires some cooking is the chocolate layer on top- but takes no time at all to finish that off and it poured beautifully onto the filling.

I used a serrated knife which I frequently dipped into hot water (and dried) so the chocolate on top wouldn't crack.

Link to the recipe:

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