Saturday, 16 January 2016

Black Lentil Winter Vegetable and Wild Rice Soup

I recently got an Instant Pot- an electric pressure cooker. I came across a sale on Amazon, and couldn't resist- even though I had no prior experience using one.
It took me awhile to get up the courage to use it. I read everything I could, thinking it would be complicated and scary (remember the horror stories of the early ones blowing up?!) Quite the contrary- as long as you know the settings before you start cooking, it is really easy and is now one of my favourite appliances.

So why is it so great? I love to cook, but not every single day. When it's a busy day, I like the simplicity of using one pot- and making a quick meal that would normally involve multiple steps, pots and long cooking times. I wouldn't eat a soup made in 20 minutes on the stove- it would be barely cooked, and the flavour wouldn't have a chance to develop. With an Instant Pot- it's like fast forwarding the process without compromising any of the flavour. We can always have delicious, nutritious soups on hand in a matter of minutes. And I like how energy efficient it is.

I bought a couple cookbooks to get me started: The New Fast Food by Jill Nussinow and Vegan Pressure Cooking by JL Fields. Both seem to be very good. The recipe below is from Jill's pressure cooking blog.

This soup took awhile to prepare just because of the chopping involved, but it was worth it to have all the wonderful vegetables in it. With a piece of homemade spelt bread a big bowl of this soup really hit the spot on a cold winter's night.

Recipe to the link is posted below:

Link to recipe:

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